Corporate Health

The Toorak Club is proudly managed by Corporate Health Management.

As one of Australia’s most well established corporate health and wellness providers, CHM delivers a professional blend of technical knowledge, creativity and quality assurance.

We place pride in our programs which aim to help all employees achieve long-term behavioural change, one step at a time.

Our highly motivated and tertiary qualified staff are crucial to our success, among which include Physical Educators, Injury Rehabilitation Consultants, Dieticians, Nurses, Personal trainers, Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists, Professional Motivators and Presenters.

Corporate Wellness
Pre-employment & Executive Medicine
Injury Prevention
Flu Vaccination

Corporate Gym Management

Corporate Wellness

Pre-employment & Executive Medicine

Injury Prevention & Management Programs

Flu Vaccination

The importance of a healthy mind in a healthy body has never been so well understood as it is today. A fit and active workforce is a productive workforce and it behoves every responsible employer to cater to their employee’s health and well being.

A well delivered health and well being strategy for your company should help improve the company “feel good factor” to keep sick days to a minimum by:

  • Reducing stress related illnesses – countless studies have proven that the body’s ability to cope with stress is dramatically improved by systematic regular exercise and a sensible and balance nutritional plan.
  • Energising the working environment – the mid afternoon office slump can easily be rectified with sensible and practicable on site nutritional offerings. This isn’t as complex as it may sound – simply swapping the vending machine’s chocolate bars for packets of nuts can make a startling difference.
  • Help foster loyalty and a sense of togetherness from the team.

The Toorak Club has extensive experience in catering for a range of corporate clients.