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Why Personal Training at The Toorak Club Gets Results


There are lots of reasons why our club members choose to have a personal trainer at The Toorak Club, but the most common reason is that people want to get results from their training.

Our Personal Trainers are all highly qualified and experienced, and offer a large variety of training styles to suit everyone from the gym novice to experienced exercisers. Some of the most common reasons that a gym member will seek the help of an experienced personal trainer are;

  • To get results from the training
  • To get variety in their workouts
  • To have accountability to someone
  • To be motivated
  • You have an illness or injury
  • You’re training for a specific event like a marathon or wedding!

Personal Training gets results for a number of reasons, but mostly its because our Personal Training clients are exercising consistently with variety in their workouts. Our Personal Trainers keep exercise routines fresh and exciting so that you keep coming week after week, and its this consistency that gets results.

If you’d like to get started with Personal Training at The Toorak Club, or to speak to one of our experienced Personal Trainers, call 9825 2699 and speak to one of our team members today.

Inspirational Video of the Week- Jeremy Lin


In February 2012 Jeremy Lin unexpectedly led a winning streak by the New York Knicks which generated a global following known as Linsanity.

He is an absolute testament to the underdog coming out on top! Check out his story now.

Health Bites- Recipe of the week

Fish is an excellent protein food with fewer calories, it is better than other meat  sources. And it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids proven to be good for the heart.

Exercise of the week


Looking for a high-intensity cardio exercise that’s great for toning your legs and stomach? Learn how to do a BOSU Mountain Climb here.

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